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December 20, 2011
Pinellas County High School
Photo Contest Winners

Photo, titled By the Window, by Amelia Hazlitt of East Lake High School took first place in a digital photography contest for high school students put on by the Suncoast Camera Club of Clearwater. Amelia also received Honorable Mention for Reflection. Students in Pinellas public high schools were eligible to enter. Seventy-four students from six schools submitted a total of 196 images. Three awards and 21 honorable mentions were given.  The second-and-third place winners also attend East Lake High School and are students of Katie Murphy Tracy. Laura Davis took second place with The Natives, and Honorable Mention for Unmasked.  Third place went to Madison Vorbrich for A Man with a Vision. When Tracy was notified that three of her students were award winners she responded, “That is great the two students I have told are so excited.”  The third student was out-of-town.
Tampa Bay Times article January 5, 2012
Click below to view a slideshow of the award and honorable mention images

High School Contest 1st Place 1st Place
By the Window
Amelia Hazlitt
East Lake H.S.
High School Contest 2nd Place 2nd Place
The Natives
Laura Davis
East Lake H.S.
High School Contest 3rd Place 3rd Place
A Man with a Vision
Madison Vorbrich
East Lake H.S.

High School Contest Winners Group

Back row: Katie Murphy Tracy (East Lake H.S. Art Teacher), Mary Burke (SCC H.S. Photo Contest Organizer), Jo Devine (SCC 2012 President)
Front row: Laura Davis (2nd place), Madison Vorbrich (3rd place), Amelia Hazlitt (1st place)

High School Contest Judges

Judges left to right:
Pat Priscoe – Retired Art Teacher with a 30-year tenure in the Pinellas County School System
Teresa Hodges – Associate, Florida Center of Creative Photography
Jeff Donald – Director of the Florida Center of Creative Photography

East Lake HS sign

People who worked on contest: Mary Burke, George Burke, Jim Goins, Dave Hart, Matt Muskovac, and Tom Russell (award night pictures)
Submitted by: Mary Burke, Chairperson of Contest – Suncoast Camera Club of Clearwater

December 20, 2011
SCC Holiday Dinner

Many thanks to Tom Russell for the snapshots of people enjoying our annual holiday party.

SCC Sign Chuck Platz Jo-Ann Devine Karen Hallett
Larry Lynch Madelyn Kinney Mark Zielinski Marsha-George McKenna
Matt Muskovac Phyliss-Ed Carlson

November 28, 2011
Larry Lynch Wins Nature's Best Photography Award

Nature's Best Photography magazine has announced the Windland Smith Rice International Awards 2011 Winners. Larry Lynch is recognized in the 2011 Fall/Winter Collectors' Edition of Nature's Best Photography magazine on page 29 in the Bird category. Over the years, some of the most notable photographers in the world are recognized as with this issue; i.e. Arthur Morris, Andy Rouse, as well as others. SCC congratulates Larry on this very notable accomplishment.

October 18, 2011
SCC 2012 Officers & Committees

The members of SCC have elected the following officers for 2012.
They will assume office starting January 1, 2012.
Jo-Ann Devine, President
Jim Mahoney, VP Programs
George McKenna, VP Competition
David Erdman, Secretary
Robin Rebeck, Treasurer

The Standing Committee positions will remain the same with the exceptions of: Karen Hallett for Judge's Credentials and Liz Ryland for Membership/Hospitality. The Special Events position is open at this time.
Our thanks to Karen Hallett, Chair of the Nominating Committee, and Tom Russell, Committee Member, for their recommendations of the 2012 slate of officers and standing committee chairpersons.

October 4, 2011
Larry Becker Presentation to SCC

Larry Becker, the Executive Director of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), presented Scott Kelby's popular Seven Point System for Camera Raw. The presentation was very informative and many people gained some new insights on how to better use Adobe Camera Raw to image their images and workflow. Larry also presented Corey Barker' line art technique, sharpening clouds using a high pass filter, and portrait retouching. A special thanks goes out to George Burke for making the arrangements for this presentation.

September 24, 2011
Nick Muskovac is now a Fellow in PSA

At the 2011 Photographic Society of America Annual Conference, Nick Muskovac was awarded the distinguished honor of becoming a Fellow in PSA (FPSA). The award was presented by Fred Greene, PSA President. The membership of SCC congratulates Nick on this major achievement as we know first hand the wonderful contributions Nick has made to the photography world.

Nick Muskovac FPSA

September 20, 2011
New Monthly EI Format

The format of the monthly winning electronic images has been updated to a more modern look.  The results page layout was designed by Roy Colbert and Matt Muskovac modified the slide show look. Matt did all of the programming required to produce the new look. This latest version of his Club Viewer program has simplified the monthly gallery creation process. Go to the gallery and enjoy a trip down memory lane on past winners since 2006.

September, 2011
Tampa Bay Magazine Contest Winners

SCC is proud to announce that four club members had winning images in the Tampa Bay Magazine Photo Contest. The winners are:
Larry Lynch on pages 50 & 51
Mary Burke on page 52
Eric Rosengren on page 53
Liz Rylan on page 54

July, 2011
High School Photo Contest

SCC is sponsoring it's second Pinellas High School Electronic Image Contest, following the success of the first such competition. The contest is conceived and spearheaded by SCC member Mary Burke in conjunction with the Pinellas County School system. Winners will be announced at the December 20th Program night meeting.

February 5, 2011
Annual Banquet Awards

The Annual Awards Banquet was held on February 5th to recognize the achievements of our club members.

2010 Most Improved Photographer of the Year Award
Madelyn Kinney


Piers End Joshua Tree Short-Eared Owl
Electronic Image
"Dawn Patrol"
Chuck Platz
Monochrome Print
"Work Boat on the Grand Canal"
Chuck Platz
Color Print
"The Potter"
Richard Miller
Electronic Image of the Year Charles Platz "Dawn Patrol"
Class B
1st Place Joyce Gentry "Monastery in the Clouds"
2nd Place Ellen Memmo "Surfs Up"
3rd Place Joyce Gentry "Black and Yellow Spider"
Class A
2nd Place Mark Zielinski "Black Skimmer 2"
3rd Place Richard Miller "Pawn to K4"
Class AA
1st Place George McKenna "Three Puffins"
2nd Place Irene Kramer "Pair of Pears"
3rd Place Irene Kramer "Morning Round-Up"
Monochrome Print of the Year Charles Platz "Work Boat on the Grand Canal"
Class B
1st Place Joyce Gentry "Fly Away"
2nd Place Tom Russell "Flagler College"
Class A
2nd Place Janet Stein "Fogged In"
3rd Place Charles Platz "Mt. McKinley"
Class AA
1st Place Frank Crommelin "Whistle Stop"
2nd Place Frank Crommelin "Chimney Sweep"
3rd Place Bill Kramer "Vermont Barn"
Color Print of the Year Richard Miller "The Potter"
Class B
1st Place Joyce Gentry "Instanbul Docks at Dusk"
2nd Place Tom Russell "City Car Reflection"
3rd Place Tom Russell "North Florida Church"
Class A
2nd Place Jeff Gentry "It's a Butterfly World"
3rd Place Phyllis Carlson "Osprey with Sheephead"
Class AA
1st Place Bill Kramer "Fighting Great Egrets"
2nd Place Karen Hallet "Red Barn on Snowy Day"
3rd Place Mary Burke "Mandy"

Click here to see the list of Year-End Competition Winners, High Point Winners, Star Awards, and Promotions

October 13, 2011
FCCC 3rd Triannual Digital Competition

Click on image to see full undistorted image

Class A Color - Yellow Ribbon (Top 25%)
Just Resting   Again
Just Resting
JoAnn Devine
Robin Rebeck
Class A Mono - Yellow Ribbon (Top 25%)
Nude Beauty    
Nude Beauty
Mary Burke

June 12, 2011
FCCC 2nd Triannual Digital Competition

SCC had 15 winning images out the 174 total entries in the FCCC 2011 2nd Triannual Digital Competition.

Click on image to see full undistorted image

Class A Color - Blue Ribbon (Top 10%)
Curlew with Crab   HeresThe Painter
Curlew with Crab
Dave Hutchinson
  The Painter
Frank Crommelin
Blue-throated Hummer   Orchid
Blue-throated Hummer
Bill Kramer
Bill Kramer
Winter Wonderland    
Winter Wonderland
Frank Cohen
Class A Color - Yellow Ribbon (Top 25%)
Bianca   Joy
Frank Crommelin
Liz Rylan
Homestead Past   Lady Bugs in Love
Homestead Past
Karen Hallett
  Lady Bugs in Love - Macro
Dave Hutchinson
Magnolia Blossom   Cheetah Family After Dinner
Magnolia Blossom
Bill Kramer
  Cheetah Family After Dinner
Liz Rylan
Di   Permission to Land
Mary Burke
  Permission to Land
Frank Cohen
Class A Mono - Yellow Ribbon (Top 25%)
Locomotive and Trainman   Supercharged
Dave Hart
Locomotive and Trainman
  Dave Hart

March 16, 2011
FCCC 1st Triannual Digital Competition

SCC had 14 winning images out the 116 total entries in the FCCC 2011 1st Triannual Digital Competition.

Click on image to see full undistorted image

Class A Color - Blue Ribbon (Top 10%)
Memorial Causeway Bridge   Taking Care
Memorial Causeway Bridge
George Burke
  Taking Care
Robin Rebeck
Cold But Beautiful   Constructive Reflection
Cold But Beautiful
Len Lapka
  Constructive Reflection
Dawn Nichols
Hyacinths   Heron
Bill Kramer
Frank Cohen
Medieval Knights   St. Basils Cathedral
Medieval Knights
Frank Crommelin
  St. Basils Cathedral
Dave Hutchinson
St. Elmo Ghost Town   Summer Breeze
St. Elmo Ghost Town
Dave Hutchinson
  Summer Breeze
Frank Crommelin
Class A Color - Yellow Ribbon (Top 25%)
It's the Tooth   Jenny with Flowers
It's the Tooth
Dawn Nichols
  Jenny with Flowers
Jim Mahoney
Old Wagon   Button Nosed Baby Face
Old Wagon
Jim Goins
  Button Nosed Baby
Dawn Nichols
Three of a Kind    
Three of a Kind
George McKenna
Class B Color
Blue Ribbon (Top 10%)
  Class A Mono
Blue Ribbon (Top 10%)
Sand Dunes   Bannack Mt.
Sand Dunes
JoAnn Devine
  Bannack Mt.
Bill Kramer