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December 29, 2009
Digital Photography Review

George Burke's "Sienna Roof Tops" photograph received second place the DP Review Roof Lines challenge.

December 15, 2009
SCC Digital Photography Contest for Pinellas County High School Students

The Suncoast Camera Club is proud to announce the winners of the
SCC Digital Photography Contest for Pinellas County High School Students.
Click here for a complete list of winners.
146 entries were received from 54 students from 8 schools.
All three winners were from Gibbs High School.  There were a total of 18 Honorable Mentions.

High School Contest 1st Place High School Contest 2nd Place High School Contest 3rd Place
1st Place
Rowan Stanley
Gibbs H.S.
2nd Place
Sunny Day
Maris Johannsen-Pityo
Gibbs H.S.
3rd Place
At the Fair
Christopher Watkins
Gibbs H.S.
High School Contest Group Picture
Back row: Rowan Stanley, Susan Castleman, Tim Strong, Mary Burke
Front row: Christopher Watkins,  Maris Johannsen-Pityo

* Mary Burke from the Suncoast Camera Club for conceiving this contest and organizing this contest;
along with many other volunteers from SCC. *
* Susan Castleman, PreK-12 Visual Arts Supervisor for Pinellas County Schools,
was a great help in making the contest a success. We couldn't have done it without her. *
* To the teachers and parents for supporting this contest and helping the student's with their entries. *
* Most importantly - To the students who showcased their artistic interpretations of life.
The SCC members enjoyed the creativity and different styles displayed in their photography.
We wish them continued growth in their development of photographic skills. *

September 25, 2009
2009 FCCC Digital Division's 3rd Tri-Annual Competition Results

Blue Ribbon Color (Award)

Maker Category Image
Robin Rebeck AC Black and White
Karen Hallett BC Civil War Cannon
Ray Perry AC Going Ashore
Bill Kramer AC Great Blue
Dawn Nichols AC Legs
Len Lapka AC Travel
George Burke AC Memorial Causeway Bridge
Karen Hallett BC Neon Butterfly
Dawn Nichols AC Thermal Crust

Yellow Ribbon Color (Honorable Mention)

Maker Category Image
Erik Rosengren AC Blue Footed Boobie and Chicks
Bill Kramer AC Florida Scrub Jay
Jo-Ann Devine BC Fog Walkway
Jim Goins AC Ft. Desoto at Sunrise
Ray Parry AC I-5 and City Lights
Jim Ickes AC Lily and a Bee
Dawn Nichols AC Milky Pond
Marsha McKenna AC Nesting Material
Marsha McKenna AC Old Salt
Bill Kramer AC Red Tailed Hawk in Tree
George McKenna AC Referee
Erik Rosengren AC Relaxing with a Rose
Jeff Gentry AC Victoria Falls Bridge
Jo-Ann Devine BC White Daisy Butterfly
Erik Rosengren AC Window Cats
Mark Zielinski AC Working Hard to Win

July 12, 2009
2009 FCCC Digital Division's 2nd Tri-Annual Competition Results

Blue Ribbon Color

Maker Category Image
Bill Kramer AC Firefighters in the Dark
Dawn Nichols AC The Top
Frank Crommelin AC Spring Time
Jim Goins AC Light House Steps
Jim Ickes AC Bull by the Horns
Karen Hallett BC Storm Over the Rockies
Mark Zielinski AC Stairwall of Cape May Lighthouse
Thomas Carnahan AC Close Hauled

Yellow Ribbon Color

Maker Category Image
Bill Kramer AC Red-Tailed Hawk
Charles Blume AC Bamboo
Glen Desthers AC Red Beauty
Glen Desthers AC Water Lily
James Mahoney AC Joann
Jo-An Devine BC Tunnel Yosemite
Len Lapka AC Two Gondolas
Len Lapka AC Winter Morn
Leon Robinson AC Clearwater Jazz
Mary Burke AC Purple Flowers
Ray Parry AC Burlap Bag Races
Robin Rebeck AC Beauty in the Beast
Susan Manie AC Beard Brook

May 5, 2009
Mini-Essay Night and Hospice Guest Speaker

Mini-Essay Group Shot
SCC Mini-Essay Participants
Photo by George McKenna
Front Row: Karen Hallett, Dawn Nichols
Back Row: Nick Muskovac, Jim Ickes, Jim Goins, Jeff Gentry, Len Lapka, Dave Hutchinson, Mary Burke, George Burke

Jim Ickes & Jill-Anne Fowler
Jim Ickes and Hospice Guest Speaker Jill-Anne Fowler
Photo by Mary Burke
The Suncoast Camera Club is very proud of the special community services provided by Hospice for people with terminal illnesses.
Jill-Anne Fowler presented to SCC an overview of the highly successful Teen Volunteer Program.
One of the special activities performed by the teens is to provide a video document of people's life stories.

March 28, 2009
2009 FCCC Digital Division's 1st Tri-Annual Competition Results

Blue Ribbon Advanced Color
Bill Kramer - Gulf Fritillary on Cone Flower
Dawn Nichols - Sally Lightfoot Stares Back
Erik Rosengren - Wolf's Guenon a Deep Think...
Frank Crommelin - Water Lily #2
Mark Zielinski - Black Skimmer
Nick Muskovac - Dead Horse Point
Ray Parry - Winter Beauty
Robin Rebeck - A Kodak Moment

Yellow Ribbon Advance Color
Bill Kramer - America Kestrel
Frank Crommelin - New York, NY
Glen Desthers - Great Blue Reflection
Jim Ickes - Mother and Baby
Jim Ickes - Trout for Dinner
Kurt Allenback - Casualties of War
Len Lapka - Venetian Canal
Len Lapka - Venice Reflection
Mark Zielinski - Egret Eating
Mary Burke - Officer
Robin Rebeck - Hummingbird

March 21, 2009
Tropical Image PSA-EID Exhibition Results

Frank Crommelin received four acceptances with a Honorable Mention for "Water Lily 2"
Bill Kramer received four acceptances
Irene Kramer received three acceptances
Nick Muskovac received five acceptances with a Honorable Mention for "Ibis Battle in Sky"
Ray Parry received one acceptance with a Honorable Mention for "Winter Beauty"
Erik Rosengren received three acceptances with a Honorable Mention for "The Confrontation"

March 17, 2009
Frank Crommelin's "Spooky" is in the PSA 75th Anniversary Book

March 8, 2009
Suncoast Camera Club 2008 Year-End Winners
featured in the St. Petersburg Times newspaper

January 21, 2009
2008 FCCC Year End Digital Division Winners

Congratulations to Frank Crommelin for his First and Second place awards in the Advanced / Mono class  / division competition.

February 28, 2009
2008 Year-End Awards

The Suncoast Camera Club announced the Year-End Competition Winners and Most Improved Photographer at their annual banquet.

Electronic Image of the Year
Nick Muskovac
"Spoonbill Reflection"


Monochrome Print of the Year:
Frank Crommelin


Color Print of the Year:
Jim Ickes
"Mother and Baby"


Most Improved Photographer:
Leon Robinson


Click here for a listing of all of the winners
Click here for the photo gallery

Our Club Historian, Mary Burke, has documented the
Year-End Competition Night with snapshots and
Annual Banquet snapshots