December 9, 2014
Board Meeting

You may enter 3 Color Prints, 1 or 2 of which must be in the assigned subject unless the subject is open for that month.

You may enter 2 Monochrome Prints, both general.

Make-up prints have been discontinued.

November 18, 2014
Club Meeting

We welcome Jim Forsberg
as the newest member of SCC

November 10, 2014
FCCC 3rd Triannual Digital Competition

Click on image to see full undistorted image
Niemeyer's Art Museum, Rio Niemeyer's Art Museum, Rio
Liz Rylan
Class A Color
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)

October 20, 2014
Club Meeting

We welcome Mary Kay Hartung
as the newest member of SCC

October 7, 2014
2015 Club Officers

SCC members voted in the following 2015 Officers:
President: Ron Caldwell
Vice President - Programs: Tom Carnahan
Vice President - Competition: George McKenna
Secretary: Maddy Kinney
Treasurer: Dave Valdez

September 2, 2014
Club Meeting

President Liz Rylan and the SCC Board of Directors granted Lifetime Membership to Matt Muskovac for his 24 years of service to the club.

Matt w/ SCC Board

August 5, 2014
Club Meeting

We welcome David Bailes
as the newest member of SCC

July 10, 2014
FCCC 2nd Triannual Digital Competition

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Who said who Who Said Who
Terry Pallone
Class B Color
Yellow ribbon (Top 25%)
Sunset-Fishing Sunset Fishing
Terry Pallone
Class B Creative
Yellow ribbon (Top 25%)

July 3, 2014
2014 PSA International Website Contest

Congratulations to Roy Colbert on placing second in the 2014 PSA International Website Contest small club division.

2014 PSA Website Contest Seal

May 6, 2014
Club Meeting

The club welcomed Joe White as a new member.

Len Lapka donated a wireless PA system to the club.

April 1, 2014
Club Meeting

A new People's Choice Print Award was initiated at the meeting. The winning print was "Kestrel" by Bill Kramer.


Ray Parry has accepted the committee position of Ombudsman.

March 10, 2014
FCCC 1st Triannual Digital Competition

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Moonrise at Nubble Lighthouse Moonrise at Nubble Lighthouse
Liz Rylan
Class A Color
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)
Peace Peace
Liz Rylan
Class A Mono
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)

March 4, 2014
Len Lapka is 95

The club celebrated Len Lapka's 95th birthday.


February 11, 2014
SCC Board Meeting

Evaluation Nights:
* There will now be only 3 prints total consisting of both combined color and monochrome prints [just like digital] per Evaluation Night effective April, 2014.
* There will be a break between digital general and assigned to enable critiques, discussion, and shorten silence periods.
* Silence during judging will still be required so that the judges are not influenced in their scoring.
* One judge will be the primary critiquer while the other two judges can add a brief commentary to enhance the educational value of the critiques.

Sponsor of New Members Program - The club is now actively providing sponsors to help new members get orientated with the club procedures, get advice, and meet other members. Thanks to Frank Crommelin for this suggestion.

Reminder: The club e-mail distribution list is only for club related events and discussions.

January 21, 2014
New Members

The club welcomed new members Charles Abela
and Joe Chinnici.

January 13, 2014
Chasing the Light Contest Winner

Congratulations to Marina Scarr for winning First Place in the "Chasing the Light" competition!!  We can all be so proud of our fellow member. Check out her great shot titled Beak-to-Beak.

January 7, 2014
Evaluation Night

The club members voted to have Evaluation Nights on the first Tuesday of every month to provide consistency throughout the year.

February 15, 2014
Annual Banquet Awards

The Annual Awards Banquet was held on February 15th to recognize the achievements of our club members.


Red and Yellow Orchid Winter Storm Waterfowl Lake, Alberta

Electronic Image
"Red & Yellow Orchid"
Ron Caldwell

Monochrome Print
"Winter Storm"
Bill Kramer
Color Print
"Waterfowl Lake, Alberta"
Chuck Platz


Judges: Manny Pontoriero, Karl Nichter, Kathleen Nichter
Click here to view all of the award winning photographs
Electronic Image of the Year Ron Caldwell "Red & Yellow Orchid"
Class B    
1st Place Lynn Bosco "Green Butterfly"
2nd Place Art Hansen "Counting Feathers"
3rd Place Veronica Serra "Peyto Lake in the Canadian Rockies"
Class A    
2nd Place Michael Copenhaver "Lips"
3rd Place Michael Copenhaver "Full Speed"
Class AA    
1st Place Marina Scarr "Gator & Gar"
2nd Place Liz Rylan "Percy Drinking Water"
3rd Place Mary Burke "A Touch of Yellow"
Monochrome Print of the Year Bill Kramer "Winter Storm"
Class B    
1st Place Art Hansen "Oil Lamp"
Class A    
1st Place Michael Copenhaver "Remember Film"
Class AA    
2nd Place Dick Miller "Working on the River"
3rd Place Chuck Platz "Close Encounter"
Color Print of the Year Chuck Platz "Waterfowl Lake, Alberta"
Class B    
1st Place
Art Hansen
"Reflections of a Grand Hotel
Class A    
1st Place Michael Copenhaver "Brooksville Raid Rebel"
Class AA    
2nd Place Dave Hutchinson "Burrowing Owl with a Snake"
3rd Place Liz Rylan "A Haunted House, Do Not Enter"

Click here to see the list of Year-End Competition Winners, High Point Winners, Star Awards, and Promotions


Award pictures courtesy of Dave Hutchinson