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The Suncoast Camera Club (SCC) was founded in 1960 and currently has over 25 members of all abilities and ages. We normally have two meetings per month. The first Tuesday of the month is our monthly evaluation night. The second meeting is a field trip, normally held the third week of the month. Members of SCC compete in electronic imaging at the Year-End Competition.

Why join a photography club?
Some common reasons are:
  • To make friends with people who share your interest in photography
  • To improve your photography
  • To show your work to people who appreciate good photography
The Suncoast Camera Club offers many opportunities to increase the enjoyment of your hobby.

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Jim Mahoney, President
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Meeting Locations

Online Zoom Meetings starting March 2024


To join the Suncoast Camera Club, click here to open the Membership form. Full year Membership dues are only $45. Simply bring the completed Membership form and dues to the next club meeting. Make check payable to Suncoast Camera Club. New members or previous members (not in last years yearbook) please fill out the form entirely. If you have a separate summer address, please submit the form twice, once for each address. Current members should use this form to update information. You only need to fill out your name and information that has changed.

Upon joining the Suncoast Camera Club, a sponsor will be assigned to you to help guide you to get the most of your membership. The sponsor will:

  • Show how to participate in all club activities
  • Review the competition rules
  • Demonstrate how to use the SCC website
  • Describe how to prepare images for SCC competitions
  • Address questions they may have
  • Introductions to other club members
  • In general, help new members to feel welcome and comfortable with club activities

Membership Directory A Google Account (not Gmail) is required; you will be prompted to sign-up if you do not have a Google account.


Dues do not cover all our expenses, please consider making a donation. Click here to open the donation letter. Click here to open the donation form.


President Jim Mahoney
Vice President, Programs Tony Getman
Vice President, Competition Matt Muskovac
Secretary Stan Wamsley
Treasurer Rosalie Mahoney

The Board of Directors consists of the officers, the chairmen of the standing committees and the immediate past president.

Committee Chairpersons

Standing Committees

Competition Records Matt Muskovac
Competition Desk Stan Wamsley
Judges Credentials Dave Hutchinson
Membership/Hospitality Erik Rosengren
Website Editor Matt Muskovac

Special Committees

Equipment Matt Muskovac
Sunshine Erik Rosengren
Historian Matt Muskovac
Photographic Society of America (PSA) District Rep Stan Wamsley
PSA Inter-Club General Competition Matt Muskovac
PSA Inter-Club Nature Competition Jim Mahoney
PSA Inter-Club Monochrome Competition Tony Getman


Club Constitution and By-Laws

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SCC Presidents

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1961 William Markey
1962 Lester Pulley & Charles Read
1963 Charles Read
1964 Arthur Lopatin
1965 Anne Oestermeyer
1966 Henry Berolzheimer
1967 Gayle W. Mayfield
1968 Marie Mayfield
1969-70 Edward L. Clayton, FPSA
1971-72 Charles G. Crane, APSA
1973 Elbert A. Haley
1974-75 Florence E. Mallett
1976 Ray G. Rosenhagen, FPSA
1977-78 Rita J. Coovert
1979-80 Elsie I. Jones, APSA
1981 Stanley B. Ashbrook, FPSA
1982 Rita J. Coovert
1983 Will G. Schepman
1984 Russell W. Cloer
1985 Rick Georges
1986 Jim McMullin
1987 John Beach
1988 Len Lapka
1989 Stephan H. Klein
1990 Mary Sue Coovert
1991-92 Stanley B. Ashbrook, FPSA
1993-95 Mary Alice Guinee
1996 Steve Rusnell
1997 Michael Caristo
1998-99 Jay Marino
2000 Warren Martinson
2001 Dennis Zaccardi
2002 Mary Sue Coovert
2003 Joe Bailey
2004-06 Erik Rosengren, APSA, PPSA
2007-08 Jim Goins
2009-10 Tim Strong
2011 Jeff Gentry
2012-13 Jo-Ann Devine
2013-14 Liz Rylan
2015 Ron Caldwell
2016 Tom Carnahan
2017-18 Rosalie Mahoney
2019-20 HJ Yang
2021-22 Roger Schwartzberg