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December 21, 2010

Past SCC president and graphics applications guru Stan Ashbrook has passed away. Stan was SCC President in 1981 and then again in 1991 and 1992. "While some of you did not know or get a chance to meet Stan, if you had you would have immediately seen his passion for photography. Stan passed on Sunday afternoon at Winter Haven Hospital. Stan had been ill with breathing problems for a while according to his son, Brad. The services will be held the week after Christmas weekend. I will send out another email when the details are known. In the meantime your local Chapter will be donating $50 in Stan's memory to the PSA."...Ann Browne, PSA Central Florida Chapter Letter from SCC President to Stan's sons. The Suncoast Camera Club has donated money to The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast in memory of Stan Ashbrook.

October 19, 2010
2011 SCC Executive Officers Elected

The membership of the Suncoast Camera Club has elected the following Executive Offices for 2011
President - Jeff Gentry
Vice President, Programs - Jim Lucadam
Vice President, Competition - George McKenna
Secretary - Joyce Gentry
Treasurer - Robin Rebeck

October 13, 2010
Suncoast Camera Club Members
Receive PSA Awards

Two Suncoast Camera Club members were the recipients of special awards at the Photographic Society of America (PSA) International Conference, held in Charleston, SC (Oct. 3-9, 2010). Frank Crommelin was awarded the Proficiency PSA (PPSA) Distinction at the PSA Annual Membership Meeting at the Charleston Conference. Distinction Awards are in recognition of photographic achievement, based on acceptance records in PSA recognized International Exhibitions and documented with PSA Division approved Star Rating Certificates. The Distinction Award includes an invitation to display a sample of work on the Society's web site, Gallery of Distinction Awards. Erik Rosengren, PPSA, received Associate (APSA) Honors at the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Honors Banquet in Charleston on October 9, 2010. PSA bestows APSA Honors on an outstanding member who has been proposed by a PSA member, endorsed for the Honor by two PSA members, and received a majority vote by the PSA Honors Committee. A candidate for APSA Honors must have been a PSA member for at least 6 years and must have demonstrated not only photographic achievement and proficiency, but must have contributed significant service to PSA and photography in general. Erik received the PPSA Distinction in 2007.

September 15, 2010
2010 FCCC Digital Division's
3rd Tri-Annual Competition Results

Blue Ribbon (Award) Top 10%

Maker Category Image
Robin Rebeck Adv. Color Streets of New Orleans
Frank Cohen Adv. Color Osprey
JoAnn Devine Beg. Color Just Resting
Bill Kramer Adv. Mono Windmill in Infrared

Yellow Ribbon (Honorable Mention) Top 25%

Maker Category Image
Dawn Nichols Adv. Color Bud on a Pond
Dawn Nichols Adv. Color Sprague Lake Colorado
Frank Cohen Adv. Color Butterfly
Mark Zielinski Adv. Color Tall Ship
Bill Kramer Adv. Color Atlantic Puffins
George McKenna Adv. Color Egret Returning to Nest
Frank Crommelin Adv. Color Eagle Eyes
Erik Rosengren Adv. Color Guarding his Harem-am Elk
JoAnn Devine Beg. Color Mesquite Dunes

August 10, 2010

Congratulations to Jim Goins and Erik Rosengren for winning photographs in the Tampa Bay Magazine 2010 Photo Contest.

July 29, 2010

Club member Larry Lynch submitted 3 photos to the Blue Ridge Mountain National Juried Wildlife & Nature Photography Exhibit, and all 3 were accepted into the exhibit, as stated below.  Congrats, Larry! Lynch Blue Ridge
The e-mail that Larry received from the Blue Ridge folks follows: "Congratulations! Your submitted photographs have all been accepted into the Blue Ridge Mountain National Juried Wildlife & Nature Photography Exhibit. Please join us for the opening reception and awards presentation on Saturday, September 4th, 2010, from 5 PM to 7 PM in the Richard Low Evans Gallery, located at 420 West Main Street, Blue Ridge, Georgia. The gallery is in the historic courtroom of the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association (The Art Center). There is no admission fee for the exhibit or for the reception. Please encourage all your family, friends, and clients to come to the reception and see your work."

June 23, 2010
2010 FCCC Digital Division's
2nd Tri-Annual Competition Results

Blue Ribbon (Award)

Maker Category Image
Mark Zielinkski Adv. Color Black Skimmer
Bill Kramer Adv. Color Great Blue in Flight
Frank Crommelin Adv. Color Safari Lodge
Frank Crommelin Adv. Mono 1932 Chevy

Yellow Ribbon (Honorable Mention)

Maker Category Image
Mark Zielinkski Adv. Color Ship Under Bridge
Mark Zielinkski Adv. Color Arches
Mary Burke Adv. Color Black Lace
Karen Hallett Adv. Color Red Barn
Bill Kramer Adv. Color P51 Mustang

June 22, 2010

It is with great sadness that the Suncoast Camera Club announces the passing of Jack O'Connell on June 18th.   Jack joined the club in 2001.  He was active in the club and most recently served as the 2010 Program Chairman. Jack enjoyed going on photography outings and spending time with club members.  He will be missed by his fellow club members. St. Petersburg Times Obituary The Suncoast Camera Club has donated money to The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast in memory of Jack O'Connell. Click here for George and Mary Burke's wonderful tribute to Jack.

June 10, 2010

Jim Lucadam exhibit titled, "Palm Harbor Grunge," will be on display at the Palm Harbor Library in July and August. Click here for the St. Petersburg Times July 29th article

May, 2010
PSA Who's Who in Photography 2009

Congratulations to our club members for their fantastic performance in PSA contests.

NA Ranking Name Judgings Acceptances
Color Projected Images (CPID)
#9 Erik Rosengren 59 99
#21 Frank Crommelin 40 74
  Jim Mahoney 16 40
  Nick Muskovac 50 93
  Frank Crommelin 35 66
  Ray Parry 30 52
  Erik Rosengren 28 46
Nature Projected Images
#3 Erik Rosengren 96 210
  Nick Muskovac 40 74
Nature Prints
  Frank Crommelin 6 19
Photo Travel Projected Images
  Ray Parry 21 40
  Jim Mahoney 6 11
Small Monochrome Prints
#10 Frank Crommelin 11 20
Small Color Prints
  Frank Crommelin 12 22
Stereo Prints
  Nick Muskovac 5 10
Stereo Electronic Files
  Nick Muskovac 4 6

April 7, 2010
2010 FCCC Digital Division's
1st Tri-Annual Competition Results

Blue Ribbon (Award)

Maker Category Image
Jeff Gentry Adv. Color Hands at Work
Bill Kramer Adv. Color Sunrise Flight
Bill Kramer Adv. Color Burrowing Owls
Jeff Gentry Adv. Color Growling Cub
Frank Crommelin Adv. Color Rango the Orangutan
Nick Muskovac Adv. Color Three Hand Held Egrets
Robin Rebeck Adv. Color Waiting for a Drink
Dawn Nichols Adv. Color Bears Eating Whale
Maureen Breakiron-Evans Beg. Color Cormorant
Maureen Breakiron-Evans Beg. Color Great Bear Fisher
Frank Crommelin Adv. Mono Whistle Stop

Yellow Ribbon (Honorable Mention)

Maker Category Image
George McKenna Adv. Color Sandhill Cranes
Mary Burke Adv. Color Family
Dawn Nichols Adv. Color Dramatic Icescape
Bill Kramer Adv. Color Heron Dispute
Erik Rosengren Adv. Color Balancing Act Burrowing Owl
Ray Parry Adv. Color Resting Flamingo
Robin Rebeck Adv. Color Cracker
Bill Kramer Adv. Color Lake Powell
Frank Crommelin Adv. Color Yellow Lily
Maureen Breakiron-Evans Beg. Color Paws of Bear Dining
David Hart Adv. Mono Joanna

April 1, 2010
Best of Show PSA Gold Medal

Frank Crommelin has received a "Best of Show PSA Gold Medal" in the 2010 Minneapolis - St Paul Minnesota Valley Small Print Circuit for "Steam Train".
Congratulations, Frank!
Steam Train

SCC 2009 Most Improved
Photographer Award

Hallett2009  Most Improved Photographer

The Suncoast Camera club is proud announce Karen Hallett as the winner of the Charles Read Memorial Award for the 2009 Most Improved Photographer.
Congratulations, Karen!

February 28, 2010
PSA Stereo Print of the Year

Nick Muskovac wins big in PSA SCC member (and club Electronic Imaging Chair) Nick Muskovac won the recent Photographic Society of America’s (PSA) Stereo Print of the Year competition. The print is shown in the January issue of PSA Journal page 30 & 31.
Congratulations, Nick!

February 2, 2010
3D Photography presentation
by Bob Ash

Bob Ash gave a very informative presentation on the history of 3D photography. Bob brought many samples from his vast collection for the club members to touch explore and enjoy.

Bob Ash wearing 3D glasses ViewMaster Viewer Stereo Photograph Viewer
Bob Ash View Master Viewers Stereoscopic Viewer

January 21, 2010
FCCC 2009 End-of-the-Year
Digital Division Competition

Len Lapka won 3rd place Class A monochrome for his image “Travel”

January 9, 2010
St. Petersburg Times Article

Click here to see North Pinellas edition article on the High School Photo Contest

February 6, 2010
Annual Banquet Awards

The Annual Awards Banquet was held on February 6th to recognize the achievements of our club members.

YE2009EI YE2009MP YE2009CP
Electronic Image
"Hands at Work"
Jeff Gentry
Monochrome Print
"Milky Pond"
Dawn Nichols
Color Print
"Plenty of Time"
Frank Crommelin
Electronic Image of the Year Jeff Gentry "Hands at Work"
Class B    
1st Place Tom Russell "Flower 1"
2nd Place Jo-Ann Devine "Tunnel Yosemite"
3rd Place Madelyn Kinney "Crane Close-Up"
Class A    
2nd Place Mark Zielinski "Arcadia Rodeo 1"
3rd Place Robin Rebeck "Catch It!"
Class AA    
1st Place Len Lapka "Cold But Beautiful"
2nd Place Nick Muskovac "Three Handheld Hatching Egrets"
3rd Place Irene Kramer "Mabry Mill"
Monochrome Print of the Year Dawn Nichols "Milky Pond"
Class B    
1st Place Len Lapka "Teton Magic"
2nd Place Jo-Ann Devine "Park Walkway"
Class A    
1st Place George Burke "Elizabeth in Black & White"
2nd Place George Burke "Brittany Hi Key"
3rd Place Janet Stein "Silhouettes"
Class AA    
2nd Place Bill Kramer "Left Mitten"
3rd Place Bill Kramer "Durango Express"
Color Print of the Year Frank Crommelin "Plenty of Time"
Class B    
1st Place Jo-Ann Devine "Jackson Square - New Orleans"
Class A    
1st Place Robin Rebeck "Hanging Out to Dry"
2nd Place Robin Rebeck "Venice Windows"
3rd Place Susan Manie "Emerging Beauty"
Class AA    
2nd Place Marsha McKenna "Old Salt"
3rd Place Tim Strong "And down the stretch they come!"

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