November 2013
FCCC 3rd Triannual Digital Competition

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Florida Panther Florida Panther
Terry Pallone
Class B Color
Yellow ribbon (Top 25%)
Octopus Octopus
Mary Burke
Class A Creative
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)
Glowing Daisy Glowing Daisy
Mary Burke
Class A Creative
Yellow ribbon (Top 25%)
Racing the Sun Racing the Sun
Terry Pallone
Class B Creative
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)

September 2013
Tampa Bay Magazine

Jim Goins, Mary Burke and Erik Rosengren were contest winners in the 2013 Tampa Bay Magazine Photo Contest.

Saint Nicholas Sand Sculpture on Clearwater Beach Tall Ship Eagle
St. Nicholas Greek Cathedral
Jim Goins
Sand Sculpture on Clearwater Beach
Mary Burke
Tall Ship Eagle Coast Guard Training Vessel
Erik Rosengren

September 3, 2013
Exceptional Service Awards

President Liz Rylan presented exceptional service awards to Matt Muskovac, Jim Goins and Roy Colbert.
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Muskovac-Rylan Goins-Rylan Colbert-Rylan
Matt Muskovac Jim Goins Roy Colbert
Muskovac Goins Colbert

July 22, 2013
Frank Kaiser

On June 22,2013 Franklin Day Kaiser the founder of Suddenly Senior.com lost his long battle with life at the young age of 77. He leaves behind his wife Carolyn, 4 sons, 9 grandchildren and one great grandson.

July 10, 2013
FCCC 2nd Triannual Digital Competition

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Bali Hai Bali Hai
Dave Hutchinson
Class A Color
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)
Burrowing Owl with Snake Burrowing Owl with Snake
Dave Hutchinson
Class A Color
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)
Sandhill Crane & Chick Sandhilll Crane &Chick
Dave Hutchinson
Class A Color
Yellow ribbon (Top 25%)

June 26, 2013
Frank Crommelin Awarded Photographic Society of America Distinction

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is pleased to announce that Frank Crommelin, EPSA has been awarded the Excellence Distinction (EPSA) in recognition of his photographic achievement record in PSA recognized International Exhibitions of photography. He has also been awarded the Galaxy 3 in the new PSA Projected Image Division (PID). To qualify for the Excellence Distinction, 700 or more acceptances are required. The award Certificate will be presented in September at the 2013 PSA International Conference in Portland, Maine, USA. The award includes an invitation to submit a sample of work to the EPSA Gallery on the PSA web site.

May, 2013
PSA Who's Who in Photography 2012

Congratulations to the following club members for their recognition in the PSA Who's Who in Photography 2012 listings.
  • Frank Crommelin - Editorial Award & Color Projected Image
  • Jim Mahoney - Color Projected Image
  • Nick Muskovac - Electronic Imaging, 3D Digital Images, 3D Print & Editorial Award
  • Eric Rosengren - Color Projected Image & Top 25 Nature Projected Image

April 11, 2013
FCCC 1st Triannual Digital Competition

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Red and Yellow Orchid Red and Yellow Orchid
Ron Caldwell
Class A Color
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)
Denver Nightscape Denver Nightscape
Dave Hutchinson
Class A Mono
Blue ribbon (Top 10%)
Safe Harbor Safe Harbor
Terry Pallone
Class B Creative
Yellow ribbon (Top 25%)

April 16, 2013
PSA Editorial Gold Star Award
for Nick Muskovac

Muskovac Editorial Gold Star Award

This EDITORIAL GOLD STAR is awarded to Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA of Palm Harbor, Florida in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Photographic Society of America Journal. Nick’s first contribution to the PSA Journal was a photo in the September 1996 issue. In addition to numerous feature articles and news items since then, in January 2003, he became Director of Star Ratings and Who’s Who for the Electronic Imagine Division. He held that position through 2012. The receiving of this Gold Star is certainly a milestone as only 50 have been awarded since the Editorial Awards Program was established in 1957. The Editorial Awards Stars are the membership’s way of saying thank you to those who take their time to write items or contribute photographs for the Journal. Therefore, this Editorial Gold Star expresses our sincere thanks to Nick Muskovac.

March 19, 2013
Farewell to President Jo-Ann Devine

March 19th was the final meeting for our current President Jo-Ann Devine. Our new President, Liz Rylan, presented Jo-Ann with a certificate of recognition that was signed by all of the club members. We wish the best for Jo-Ann in her new journey.

February 9, 2013
Annual Banquet Awards

The Annual Awards Banquet was held on February 9th to recognize the achievements of our club members.

YE2012 Banquet
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Photos courtesy of George Burke


YE2012 Most Improved Pallone YE2012 Galaxy Award Mahoney
Most Improved Photographer
Terry Pallone
Galaxy Award
Jim Mahoney


Piers End Joshua Tree Short-Eared Owl
Electronic Image
"Piers End"
Jo Devine
Monochrome Print
"Joshua Tree"
Bill Kramer
Color Print
"Short-Eared Owl"
Bill Kramer


Judges: Manny Pontoriero, Jeff Donald and John Sagert
Click here to view all of the award winning photographs
Electronic Image of the Year Jo Devine "Piers End"
Class B    
1st Place Michelle Frenzel "Waste Not Want Not"
Class A    
1st Place Mark Zielinski "Mountain With Clouds"
2nd Place Mark Zielinski "Early Morning Train"
3rd Place Ron Caldwell "Redtail Head"
Class AA    
2nd Place Dick Miller "Insignificance"
3rd Place Matt Muskovac "Yosemite Tunnel View"
Monochrome Print of the Year Bill Kramer "Joshua Tree"
Class B    
1st Place Sara Trentch "I Am Packed"
2nd Place Kathy Trentch "Joshua Tree Reserve"
Class AA    
2nd Place Charles Platz "Icelandic Landscape with Horses"
3rd Place Bill Kramer "1911 Barn"
Color Print of the Year Bill Kramer "Short-eared Owl"
Class B    
1st Place Sara Trentch "Looking Back"
2nd Place Kathy Trentch "Tree Frog"
Class AA    
2nd Place Bill Kramer "Sweetest Heart of Mary"
3rd Place Bill Kramer "Limpkin"

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